Kai Pana Wa’a

#96 ~ Makua Kane Lono ‘The Father Lono’

Canoe Type: Mālia
Purchased: 2014
Origin: Kai Pana purchased Lono from Lake Havasu City Outrigger Canoe Club. Lono was purchased by LHCOCC from Na Leo ‘O Ke Kai Canoe Club (Phoenix, AZ) in 2004. History prior to 2004 is unknown.
History: The Mālia is a ~40-ft., 400-lb. canoe designed by James Takeo Yamasaki, was the culmination of a design evolution in wooden racing canoes, and it established the model for outrigger racing canoes made of newer, lighter materials. The original Hawaiian name Mālia, meaning “calm” (also Mālie) refers to the relatively calm waters of the Kona Coast on the leeward side of the Big Island, the site where the canoe was made. The Outrigger Canoe Club bought the original Mālia in 1940, and the Waikiki Surf Club acquired it in 1948, keeping it in use until 1988. From 1950-1951, the design of Malia was modified by Froiseth, Downing, and Choy. In 1959, the original Mālia won the first outrigger canoe race to Catalina Island in California. After the race, the Mālia had a significant impact on the historical development of the racing canoe. According to Tommy Holmes:
An interesting sidelight of the first Catalina-to-Newport race in 1959 was the alleged pirating of a fiberglass plug of the Malia. This shell, reportedly taken without authorization while the Malia awaited shipment back to Hawaiʻi, was later made into a mold. From this mold, and the hulls that came from it, other molds were made. The majority of the fiberglass canoes in use in Hawaiʻi and California today have been made from these molds. Thus the Malia inadvertently sired a noble fleet of fiberglass-and-resin-canoes

#97 ~ Ka Hahu O Ke Kai ‘Seedling Of The Ocean’

Canoe Type: Bradley Lightning
Purchased: 2014
Origin: Kai Pana purchased Ka Hahu O Ke Kai from Kahakai Outrigger Canoe Club (Long Beach, CA). This canoe was purchased new by Kahekai in 2011. Ka Hahu O Ke Kai was actually the first canoe purchased by Kai Pana and as a tribute to this purchase, Kai Pana now adorns all of our canoes with the Kahakai ‘tattoo’ on the front of each canoe.
History: The Bradley Lightning is the winningest canoe in the ‘World Series’ of paddling races, The Molokaʻi Hoe. Developed by renowned canoe builder, Sonny Bradley, this canoe has set records for crossing the Ka’iwi Channel between Molokaʻi and Oʻahu.

#98 ~ Pu’uhonua O Na Makapo ‘Refuge Of The Blind’

Canoe Type: Outrigger Connection Mirage 2 (M2)
Purchased: 2014
Origin: The Newport Aquatic Center (NAC) developed the Makapo Aquatics Project to give people that are blind or visually impaired a chance to get out and participate and race in Southern California’s outrigger racing circuit. Pu’uhonua O Na Makapo was purchased by NAC for the Makapo Project in 2013 and decided to sell this canoe to Kai Pana in 2014 in an effort to raise funds for an unlimited canoe.
This canoe has turned itself into Kai Pana’s favored race canoe for its performance in the waters of the Pacific Northwest. The hull design lends itself to performing extremely well in the short-period wind swell that is encountered in our protected bays.
History: The M2 Mirage was designed in 2008 by the Outrigger Connection Team. The idea for the M2 came about as a result of observations made in the much saltier waters off Italy. Outrigger Connection took a team to Venice, Italy and while paddling the original Mirage in the saltier waters off the Italian coast, the canoe floated higher and performed better. This additional buoyancy that the sea provided enabled the canoe to go faster. So, the idea to incorporate this added buoyancy into the canoe came about.
The M2 is designed with the original Mirage as a benchmark. The rocker is virtually unchanged and the canoe utilizes the same “Puffy” ama. Seating and gunnel width also remain unchanged. The main difference on the M2 is the hull width, which is approximately 2 inches wider in the center of the canoe when compared to the Mirage. This extra width tapers towards both ends of the canoe, leaving a more pronounced calabash in the center of the canoe.
During our mandatory waterline tests of the M2, it was found that there was a ¾” gain in freeboard. This also means there was a ¾” loss of draft, meaning that compared to the original Mirage there is less drag. This allows the canoe to accelerate faster, turn quicker, and pick up bumps (waves) a lot easier. In flat-water, the M2 maintains the glide effortlessly when compared to the original Mirage. In the rough, the added maneuverability allows the M2 to change direction onto different bumps quicker and keep surfing longer. It also remains dryer, taking on less water in sloppy conditions because it floats higher with the added buoyancy. Source

#99 ~ Tiare O Te Tai ‘Flower Of The Sea’

Canoe Type: Fai Va’a V3
Purchased: 2015
Origin: This canoe was built for and purchased by Mark Mayeda in 2011 who paddles for Mountain Home Canoe Club in Portland, Oregon. Kai Pana was able to purchase this canoe from Mark in the summer of 2015. This is the only Tahitian-built V3 canoe currently residing in the Pacific Northwest.
History: The V3 – FAI is our “three men” Tahitian outrigger canoe and the reference in the sport of open ocean V3 racing in Tahiti (as opposed to sprint V3 racing which uses light and fragile outrigger canoes that are only fitted for absolutely flat conditions). Its design allows great performance as much in calm conditions as in the surf. The V3 – FAI is a true competitor’s dream. It is the ideal compromise when 3 friends or training buddies want to out paddling or training. Between the “one-man” outrigger canoe, V1, and the “six-men” outrigger canoe, V6, the V3 – FAI permits team paddlers to train differently and tighten the team spirit. It is also great for 6-men or 9-men crews to form teams of three to train and compete against each other, pushing each team member to develop more skills and push their limits. The V3 – FAI is a training tool that should not be overlooked by larger crews. The V3 – FAI was designed a sa racing outrigger canoe as much for endurance races as well as speed trials. It is also a great recreational canoe for surfing, fishing and all family fun ocean activities that can be had on an outrigger canoe. Source

#100 ~ Pouli Lio ‘Dark Horse’

Canoe Type: Pure Unlimited
Purchased: 2017
Origin: Odie Sumi and Pure Canoes built this canoe for the 2013 Olamau Race and it was raced by Team OPT of Tahiti. Kai Elua Outrigger Canoe Club of San Diego, California purchased this canoe new in the summer of 2013.  Kai Pana and Kai Elua came to an agreement to purchase Pouli Lio in May of 2017.
History: Over the past 4 years we have done an unprecedented amount of R&D into Unlimited Canoe Design. We started with A CAD designed hull by a world leader in Americas Cup racing design. From that we have built over a dozen different hull designs in the pursuit of the Ultimate Outrigger Canoe! Our latest design is a collaboration by the worlds best paddlers like EDT Va’a, Mellow Johnny’s, OPT, and Shell Va’a. From direct feedback we have dialed in a design suited for all conditions. Source